Airlaw is a simple and cost effective app that will help you get on top of your legal challenges fast!

We provide on demand and prompt legal advice from a team of expert lawyers with caring and understanding personalities that will listen to you. Finally!

You are in control!

Post your legal job, and a range of lawyers will give you a fixed price. You choose the lawyer at a legal cost you are happy with. Simple!
All of our services are offered on a fixed cost basis.

There are NO hourly rates, NO hidden fees or exorbitant surprise charges.

As a client, you can expect to find access to a range of affordable expert lawyers and legal service providers.

As a lawyer or legal service provider, you will gain access to a steady stream of quality clients in an otherwise overcrowded marketplace.

Airlaw is the one stop solution you need!

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SERVICES of Airlaw

Here at Airlaw , we pride ourselves on offering affordable and accessible services for a variety of legal services.
Going to Court, letters of demand, family law issues, or you may need a lawyer in the sale of your home.
Our team at Airlaw has you covered!
Our Legal Advice Hotline is there for your urgent support in any area of law. You can speak to an expert lawyer on your mobile for up to 30 minutes.
It’s that easy!

Court Representation

Find your next criminal defence lawyer through AirLaw. Our skilled lawyers can represent you in court for all police charges and intervention orders.

Buying or Selling A Business

Need some legal expertise before you close a business, or accept an offer? An AirLaw lawyer can help you with looking over contracts, preparing business leases and guiding you through the process of buying or selling a business.


Need help buying or selling a house? Our AirLaw accredited lawyers are experts in this area, and can provide you with well-needed help at an affordable price.

Contract Negotiation or Creation

Contracts can be tricky, we’ll help you navigate them. AirLaw’s skilled lawyers can assist you with understanding, negotiating or creating contracts of all kinds, including employment contracts. We can also help you with contractual disputes.

Debt Collection

If you or your family is legally entitled to money, our powerful lawyers with the help of superior debt collection services can help you recoup them. Their work includes letters of demand, as well as the initiation and furtherance of court action.

Family Law

Sometimes, you need help with family issues. AirLaw’s team of skilled lawyers can help you with a divorce, family mediation, pre-nuptial agreements and even provide legal advice on separation.


Do you or a member of your family need help navigating Australian immigration law? With AirLaw you’ll be able to get expert advice from a skilled lawyer on all things related to immigration and migration, ensuring the best possible outcome for your situation.

Estate Planning

Estate planning can be tricky, that’s why you need an expert lawyer on your side. With AirLaw, you can hire an expert in the field that can help you prepare or change a will, as well as help you navigate probate issues. Our lawyers can also advise you on how to challenge a will and protect your legal rights.

Legal Advice Hotline

Our Legal Advice Hotline is available 7 days a week from 7am – midnight. Simply post your job and an expert lawyer will be in touch with you directly. You will be able to speak to a lawyer for up to 30 minutes. Simple and easy!

  • Registering and Posting

    Airlaw has made it so easy to register through our app and website to post your job.

    Once installed, complete your profile including name, DOB, mobile number.

    Post your legal job in your chosen category and connect with one of our expert lawyers today.

    They will provide you with a quote on a fixed fee basis from start to completion.

    You must be 18 years + to use Airlaw legal services.

    There is no need to waste time with scheduled meetings and driving to appointments anymore. Finally! It is that simple!

  • No Hidden Fees

    At Airlaw we aim to give you peace of mind that there are no hidden fees.

    Your legal fee is fixed.

    Besides your legal fee, Airlaw has an administration fee of 25% to cover admin costs.

    Once you are ready to post your job on Airlaw, you will need to input your billing information for verification of your ability to pay for our legal service.

    What you are quoted for your post and accept, is what you pay.

    There are NO hidden fees!

  • Privacy

    Your privacy is extremely important to us! Airlaw protects the identity of both parties.

    Whilst you are able to communicate with each other through our chat box, identities are not revealed until our lawyer and client team start working together.

    Airlaw respects all rights to privacy and is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our lawyers and our clients.